If you are here to find the right download option for ‘Thoptv‘ App for your mobile device (Smart Phone), or PC. You are at the right place. Get the high speed ‘ThopTV download’ link for APK, and .EXE.

ThopTV is one of the best entertainment app in India for live TV streaming, like- Live TV, Live News, Live Sports. The features doesn’t ends here. The Thoptv also offers Premium content- New Web Series, Movies in HD quality. The streaming is very fast in Wifi, 3G & 4G networks. It has also data saving options.

Welcome to THOPTV downloading site:

In this website you will get option always to download the genuine THOPTV.apk or THOPTV.exe

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Download Thoptv
How to Download Thop tv
Download Thop-tv for Mobile
Thop-Tv Download for PC
What is Thop TV

You will find the latest version of app available hare.

How to Download Thoptv?

You may download thoptv for 5 different devices:

  1. ThopTV App for Mobile
  2. Thoptv download for Tab
  3. Thoptv for PC
  4. Thoptv for Apple iOS & MAC
  5. Download Thoptv for Smart TV

Thoptv App (APK) Download for Mobile, and Tab (Smart Phone)

Download & installing of thoptv in mobile device is super easy!

Are you struggling with toptv apk download?

Don’t worry, Follow the step by step process.

  • Click on the Download Link
  • Choose download type ‘Android’
  • Visit the thoptv downloading page
  • Click on ‘Download Now

Your thoptv apk will start downloading in your device

Installation guide of Thoptv apk in Android

  1. Open ‘File Manager‘ from your android smart phone/ tab.
  2. Go to ‘Download‘ folder
  3. Click/ touch on ThopTv.apk file
  4. Click on ‘Install
  5. If need review you device setting & allow third party apps.
  6. After installation is finished, Click on Done
  7. Check your phone home screen the thoptv is installed properly.
System requirement to Install
Android Version4.4 and Above
Resolution480p and Above
Network3G, 4G or Wi-Fi
Ram2GB and above
Storage18MB minimum (internal)


Download Thoptv for PC

If you are using windows 10, 8, or windows 7 the thoptv.exe is easily available.

Just visit the toptv download page > Choose ‘PC‘ > Select your OS type- Windows 10, Windows 8, 7 or Mac.

The download will start in few seconds!

What is ThopTV?

It is one of popular Live Streaming App in India and accors the globe including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Srilanka and all over the Asia.

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ThopTV APK Download Links
ThopTV Latest APK Download (v44.1) (14 MB) (Latest)
Download ThopTV Latest APK (v43.0) (17 MB)
Download ThopTV Latest APK (v42.0) (17 MB)
Download ThopTV Latest APK (v41.0) (18 MB)
Download ThopTV Latest APK (v40.0) (18 MB)

Most Asked Questions

Is the any charges/ cost to download it?

No!, It is fully Free!

Thop-tv is Safe?

Since the thop-tv doesn’t take any permission of your mobile device, so there is no such scope to harm your device security!