Thoptv app is the best substitute for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Jio tv, Hotstar, Voot apps. The Thoptv app is a very useful android app. You can watch IPL live cricket matches in 2021. In Thoptv app, you can watch 4000+ Indian and international channels. You can enjoy the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies, sports Matches, IPL live cricket matches, and IPL auction in this app. Additionally, you can watch all these premium channels free of cost and without registration. If you want to download the latest ThopTv apk for Android mobile then read our post till the end. Here we will provide you info on Thoptv download for android, iOS, PC (Chromebook/Linux, Mac OS, and Windows 7/8/10 operating system). Also, where to find Thoptv official download page. You can find the Thoptv app for cricket in the google play store.

This app runs on the content delivery network (CDN) and internet protocol television (IPTV) protocols.

Top features and Pros and Cons of ThopTV

Pros and advantages of ThopTV.

  • Interactive UX (User experience).Large collection of Radio and Television channels
  • Free registration and subscription charges.
  • Can be used with different platforms like Android, Chromebook/Linux OS, Windows, Mac/Apple/iOS, etc.
  • Adaptable to user’s device and network.
  • Thoptv IPL Live cricket match for 2021 and 2022.

Interactive user experience

ThopTV for PC has an interactive user experience. Below the streaming videos, this app has provided chat boxes. The user can comment and share their opinions. Additionally, the user can have lively debates on these chat boxes. This feature is not provided in many of the premium versions of the original apps.

Large collection of Radio and Television channels

ThopTV provides a large collection of Indian and international premium channels for free. You can view premium content of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Jasmine TV, Disney+, Voot, AltBalaji for free. Moreover, there are a variety of radio channels for all ages. Overall, you can get approximately 10,000 channels.

Free registration and subscription charges

The top feature which makes ThopTV so popular is its free registration and subscription charges. Additionally, you can view the premium content of famous streaming channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, and Jasmine TV for free. Overall, you can view the content without signup. Signup is required when you want to download the content.

Can be used with different platforms like Android, Chromebook/Linux OS, Windows, Mac/Apple/iOS, etc.

The latest Thop TV version can be used for all platforms like Android, Windows, Chromebook/Linux, Mac/Apple/iOS. The ThopTV for PC has been developed keeping in mind laptop and PC users who are using OS like Windows 7/8/10, Linux, and Mac/Apple. The standard version is for Android devices. The ThopTV for PC offers many top features like subtitles in different languages. The image quality adjusts itself with the user’s network speed. You can set notifications for your favorite channels. Moreover, the ThopTV app is compatible with a firestick. Therefore, you can watch your favorite channels on your smart TV in super HD quality.

Thoptv IPL Live cricket match for 2021 and 2022.

Thoptv was the most downloaded app to view IPL in 2021. You can view IPL live cricket matches for free from this app.

Cons and Disadvantages of ThopTV

  • ThopTV is not 100% safe and secure. This app takes unnecessary permission, which can be a security risk.
  • This app is not legal and might be fully banned.
  • Lot of bugs you have to constantly update.
  • Needs VPN.
  • Lack of transparency regarding privacy policy.
  • Shows lots of ads. There are many ThopTV apps in Google Play Store, like the ThopTV guide, which only shows ads and no content.

Methods to download the latest ThopTV version of Android, iOS, PC (Chromebook/Linux, Mac, and Windows operating system)

Thoptv Apk download for Android mobile

Thoptv Apk download for Android mobile is no longer available in the Play store. Now, you have to install the app from the browser. After installing the app, you have to change your security settings and allow your mobile to run the app from unknown sources. Otherwise, the ThopTv apk will not run.

Thoptv download for PC (Windows 7/8/10, Linux and Chromebook)

The Thoptv app can be run on laptops and PCs using Chromebook/Linux, and Windows operating systems. To start Thoptv download for PC, you will have to use Android Emulator and VPN software. Android Emulators are special software for PCs or other devices, which use Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Chromebook OS to run Android apps like apk. The most famous Android Emulators are Bluestacks, Dolphin, Nox App Player, Style-Tap Player, etc. Next, with Android emulators, you can easily download the Thoptv apk and run it. Additionally, you will have to use VPN to mask your IP. Now, your ThopTv for Windows or Chromebook/Linux is ready for use.

Thoptv download for PC (Mac OS/Apple)

The process to download and install Thoptv for Mac OS/Apple is the same as Windows and Chromebook. Firstly, you will have to install Android Emulator and VPN software. Secondly, now download and run Thoptv apk. Thirdly, you will have to allow microphone and camera permissions to see video streaming channels.

Thoptv download for iOS/Apple

If you are searching Thoptv download for your iOS devices (Apple TV, iPad, iPhone). Then, here we will provide you the solution. Like Google Play Store Apple’s iOS application store has also banned it.

So you have to download it from the browser but firstly, you have to download and install an Android emulator like BlueStacks. Secondly, download and run the ThopTV apk for Android on your iOS device. Lastly, now you can see around 4000 premium video streaming channels.

Thoptv official download page

If you are looking for Thoptv official download page. Then, this is the official link – ThopTV but this site is mostly down. You can try other sites like Download. Next, initiate ThopTV .apk download for Android mobile. Then, you have to download VPN and android emulator like Bluestacks if you want to run ThopTV apk on PC (Windows, Linux/Chromebook, Mac OS) or iOS devices (Apple TV, iPad, iPhone).

ThopTv is it safe and secure to use?

ThopTv is not 100% secure. It has the same risks as watching pirated movies or premium content on torrent or other malicious sites. Your device can catch a virus. Additionally, ThopTv is not transparent about its privacy policy. It asks for unnecessary permission like access to your camera and microphone. However, there is a solution to this problem. You can use good anti-virus software (preferably a premium one) for downloading and installing ThopTv. You can check whether the app contains malicious code or viruses.

Is Thoptv legal or banned in India?

Yes, Thoptv is banned in India. You can no longer access Thoptv official download page. The government has banned this site because of copyright infringement. Many premium video streaming channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Airtel Xstream are shown for free. BCCI suffered huge losses because an app like Thoptv showed IPL live cricket matches for free. Now, even Google Play Store and Apple App Store have removed this app from their store. However, the Thoptv audience is still growing and people are watching Thoptv through VPN.


How ThopTV earns money?

ThopTV earns money through ads.

Does Thoptv have Netflix?

Yes, you can watch Netflix movies on Thoptv. Moreover, you do not have to pay for the premium Netflix content.

How to download ThopTv on Apple?

Firstly, you have to download the ThopTV apk for Android mobile from the sites we have given above. Secondly, you have to download and install any of the Android emulators like Bluestacks, Dolphin, Nox App Player, Style-Tap Player, etc to run the latest ThopTv on Apple devices. Lastly, now ThopTV is ready on your Apple device.

Is Thoptv a Chinese App?

The Thoptv official page claims that this is a made-in-India app. Moreover, the developers are Indian. The developer goes by the name Thopster Athen. Also, ThopTv app does not work outside India.

Which player to install for running Thoptv?

Thoptv has its inbuilt player but you can integrate external players like MX Player and VLC.